Trish Hyde

Trish grew up in Boulder, Colorado and graduated from San Diego State University in 2020 with a degree in International Business with an emphasis in French and Western Europe. Trish began graduate school at CU Denver in the fall of 2021 with plans to graduate in December 2023 and currently works full time in politics, focusing on protecting and expanding reproductive rights. Her paper, “Neoliberalism, the American Family, and the Threat of the Welfare Queen” was originally submitted for Marjorie Levine-Clark’s Gender and Sexuality Research Seminar and Trish would like to thank Marjorie for her support on this paper, on her thesis, and for nominating it for publication. She would also like to thank Rachel Gross for all her mentorship in this program; and her partner, friends, and her two cats for their support.

Trish also served as an assistant editor for the Historical Studies Journal volume 40.

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