2023 Editor’s Note

The Historical Studies Journal, now on its 40th volume, showcases excellent undergraduate and graduate historical research. For forty years, the Journal has shared the incredible work from students and allowed students to participate in the peer review process, as authors and editors. Last year, the Journal transitioned to an online publication, making our publication more accessible and allowing different formats.

The 40th volume of the Historical Studies Journal includes articles on global history, United States history, and closer to home, Colorado history. With focuses on gender and sexuality, nuclear power, religion, economics, the environment, and trade, the Journal is a representation of University of Colorado Denver’s diverse historical interests. Nicklas Thygesen’s “A Tale of Transatlantic Trade” takes readers back to the 18th century trade networks and Trish Hyde’s “Neoliberalism, the American Family, and the Threat of the Welfare Queen” brings readers to the late 20th century, exploring the role of economics and the imagery of a welfare queen. More locally, Lee Bishop’s “Gender Identity Center of Colorado” highlights Denver’s transgender history of the late 20th century and Zachary Thompson’s “The Atom Comes to Colorado” discusses nuclear power in the small northwest Coloradan town of Rulison. The twentieth century was definitely the focus for many of this year’s authors, including Meghann Brown who examined religion in public schooling of the American West in “Won’t Stand It” and Ben Humphries who investigated the conservation movement through a gendered lens in “Gender and Its Influences on the Conservation Movement.” Thank you and congratulations to all of volume 40’s authors!

The Historical Studies Journal is published through peer review from an editorial board and advised by a faculty board. For graduate students interested in learning more about the publishing journey, working on the editorial board provides insight into selection, editing, and publishing. I want to extend an incredibly proud thank you to this year’s editorial board featuring José Carbón, Eli Fresquez, Benjamin Humphries, Trish Hyde, Kathryn Leonard, and Lukas Rasmussen. Another huge thank you to the Historical Studies Journal faculty board: Dr. Gabriel Finkelstein, Dr. Xiaofei Gao, and especially Dr. Dale Stahl. Lastly, thank you to last year’s co-editors Teresa Donahue and Noah Allyn for this opportunity and support throughout publication.

Summer Carper