Raphael Angoulvant

Raphael graduated from University of Colorado Denver in May 2021 with a BA in History. During his time at CU Denver, Raphael worked as a program manager at the student wellness center and as a research assistant in French language and Middle East history. He is currently working towards a MA in History and Literature at Columbia University, where he is researching Franco-Belgian bandes dessinées. Raphael hopes to pursue a career in higher education administration after completing his master’s program. He enjoys playing drums, riding bikes, and juggling—though not all at the same time quite yet.

Raphael would like to thank his friends and family, as well as Nick Psarakis for the inspiration to study history; Dr. Bill Wagner for his invaluable advice and for his help in the archives; and Dr. Dale Stahl for his encouragement and support, which contributed to both this project and Raphael’s growth as a researcher.


Out of the Basement